Silvelox Design door represents the manufcaturing excellence in garage doors, security entrance doors and architectural systems. Siilvelox proposal has been standing out for over 60 years thanks to the ability to create new solutions in which the various product performances (thermal brake, burglar proof, acustic abatement, fire rating) meet the highest level of care for design, materials and finishings. The company, throughout its history, has been focusing on re-thinking the concept of “door” transforming it into a highly advanced and technological custommade system which is the centerpiece of any architectural project.
Silvelox has been able to merge in a perfect bond wood passion, traditional craftsmanship, technological research and continuous innovation, creating original detailed products, placing the same attention that distinguishes high-end furniture. Each Silvelox door is a unique and artisan creation, a versatile and tailormade closing system: like a tailor, the company “cuts and sews” the product according to the customer’s wishes, refining the details.




Okumè is an exotic wood which grows in Gaboon, in western Africa, with a high resistance to mechanical stress and atmospheric phenomena. Its durability over the years, even when exposed to risk, is highly appreciated. It is a tender wood, light and easy to work. Its veneers are not well marked nor refined. It turns out to be a perfect solution for external exposure. Available in flat polished version, lacquered or impregnated.


Oak is characterized by marked veneers, which create a very pleasant aesthetic effect. This kind of wood comes from Bosnia, Serbia and Albania, it is very strong and gurantees a highresistance over the years. Oak wood can be directly worked in its rough state, also thanks to its natural color that is highly appreciated. It is available in the following versions: flat, brushed, sawn. For the color: lacquered, impreganted, natural.


Teak wood is a material known everywhere around the world, it comes from the tropical and subtropical forests that grow in Eastern Asia. Its surface presents very pleasant veneers, besides, it has a high resistance to atmospheric agents. Actually Teak is a rainproof and salt-resistant wood, rather strong, but at the same time easy to work. It is available in the polished version. Natural color.


Larch is a refined wood, chracteristic of central Europe and Italian northern mountains. It is very strong and has a high-resistance to the atmosphering agents, that makes it the ideal material for the production of medium-high range external panels. Larch is a very hard rainproof timber, but once completely dried it becomes easy to work. Available in the flat or brushed version. Color: lacquered, impregnated or natural.


During the last 10 years wood has been mostly heat treated for two reasons: make wood more resistant to the atmospheric agents and give it a warm tones color, avoiding to artificially paint the board. Aged larch coming from central Europe and Northern Italy can be worked in the same way as classical larch, but it is easier to splinter on the corners. Actually its hardness makes it more fragile compared to tender woods, nevertheless fixing elements do not present any fixing problem.


Because of its conformity, thickness, color shades, wengé is an African wood of great impression. Its color can vary from a light yellow with darker veneers to intense colors tending to brown, with black veneers. It is very strong, for this reason it is the perfect raw material for the construction of furniture. Because of its strength, this kind of wood is really hard to work: it takes a long time for it to completely dry, for this reason it turns out to be quite expensive. Available in the flat and natural version.


“Thanks to its quality, strength and tenderness, Italian walnut is one of the most refined wood on the market. This timber has a high resistance to the machines and a medium-high stability. The color can vary from the light to the dark brown (according to the place where it has grown) and it tends to become darker over the years. The American walnut timber, better known as Canaletto walnut, is different from the Italian walnut in a few specific characteristics: its color is rather homogeneous, dark brown, without particular shades; nevertheless each board seems to be different from the others. Available in the flat and natural version.


All Silvelox doors are an exclusive product realized by using wood as raw material. As wood is alive, it is by nature subject to changes caused by external factors, as sun light, temperature, humidity and daily use. Color variations are usual, furthermore wood dimensions can vary according to the temperature and humidity. In the most critical cases it would be possible that a few slight cracks appear, but they will decrease once the wood has adapted to the temperature. So over the years the doors may undergo slight changes, that can just increase their beauty, as per any natural material. A studied process that provides many painting phases by using advanced technologies, the only one in Italy for what concerns the world of entrance and garage doors.


1 – Spread of high penetration hybrid impregnating material

2 – Passage into the hoven at 40° app.

3 – Spread of anti-crack material for open pore wood prepared for external use

4 – Passage into the hoven at 45° app.

5 – Sanding grouting, painting preparation, all made by hand

6 – Deposit of high durability RAL pigmented material

7 – Passage into the hoven at 45° app.


1 – Spread of colored impregnating material with protecting substances for top quality wood

2 – Passage into the hoven at 40° app.

3 – Spread of pouring primer with top quality UV absorbers

4 – Passage into the hoven at 40° app.

5 – Spread of top quality coloring substance with linen for external environment

6 – Passage into the hoven at 45° app.


“A sequence of customized painting process reserved to both lacquered and impregnated panels, with the aim of guaranteeing the finished product beyond commercial warranty:

Impregnated plywood panels 12 years warranty

Lacquered plywood panels 15 years warranty

Natural transparent plywood panels for external use White pigmented or transparent 0 gloss for internal use 5 years warranty




High-density fiberboard (HDF) panels are fabricated by dry process, with the use of a synthetic binding material of wood fibers. It is available as smooth, CNC machine carved, unfinished or lacquered for internal use. Available thicknesses: 6, 10, 14, 16 mm.


Layers of paper are saturated with a melamine resin until they are converted into a solid, plastic surface via thermal fusion. The melamine sheets are molded together as one layer which is then bonded together with wood particle board backing material and gives products an attractive surface. Melamine is durable, scratch and shatter resistant for internal application. Available thickness: 6 mm.


An engineered panel manufactured by pressing and extruding various forms of wood fiber such as chips and shavings with a resin binder. It is then coupled with a decorative timber veneer. It is to be used in internal environments. Available Thickness: 6 mm.


“Multi-sheets hardwood plywood panel made of wood from several essences that are visible on the surface as last layer, which provides the esthetical decoration. They are used for demanding uses. It has a high impact resistance, wall excellent surface hardness and wearresistance, thus it is suitable for outdoor environments. Panels can be CNC machine carved and water based varnished. Available thickness: 10, 14, 15 mm.


Okumè essence multi-layer marine plywood backing panels are manufactured from durable face and core veneers, with few defects so it performs longer in both humid, wet conditions and resists delaminating and fungal attack. Its construction is such that it can be used in environments where it is exposed to moisture for long periods. Visible external wood veneers are hand assembled and joint to obtain a seamless grain continuity and alignment. Craftmen experience, ability and continuous process control are crucial to obtain the requested quality. Veneers are glued on marine plywood backing and subsequently CNC machined, varnished, moulded. Perfect for external environments applications. Available thicknesses: 10, 14, 15 mm.


The sandwich panel is composed by corrosion-resistant aluminum sheets treated with special varnishes. The finished visible surface is 12/10 mm thick. The internal non-visible one is 5/10 mm. For internal application on doors, the sheets are bonded together to contain an MDF core; for external applications, the sheets are bonded together to contain a Polyurethane core. Such panels can be customised within an overall array of 50 models. Such combination is perfect for all external environments applications. Available thickness: 7 mm.