Pivo’t is the new Silvelox reinforced pivoting entrance door which is suitable for large openings, creating prestigious, full of character entrances.

Pivo’t is a stylish and convenient solution, and thanks to a pivoting system that rotates around its own vertical axis, it does not require any jamb, integrating perfectly with any wall or façade. Hinges are also incorporated in the panels, ensuring maximum functionality without ruining the look. Pivo’t can also be installed flush with internal or external walls. It is available in a wide range of styles and finishes.

The concealed hinge design makes Pivo’t ideal for inclusion in the Wall_Concept architectural system designed by Silvelox. It is also recommended for indoors use, anywhere a reinforced door is required, to separate a day area from a night one for example, so aesthetics can be maintained without losing out on anti-intrusion features.

The use of an internal white frame is recommended for optimal integration in walls.

SecurityClass 4 burglar resistance
Sound insulationOne-leaf doors: 44.6 db
Flush inside and outsideFor an aesthetic design under the banner of elegance and pure aesthetics.
Patented balanced hingePatented pivoting system with 3D adjustment
Reduced distance from the frame59 mm clearance only between frame and open leaf
CylindersSafety cylinder lock system