Superior technical performance and attention to detail are the distinctive elements of the Perseo 3T entrance door.

Thanks to the triple seal, Perseo 3T offers high performance in terms of soundproofing and thermal efficiency, while the floor threshold and Class 3 security level make it truly unique.

Perseo 3T comes with the Secur Therm triple rebate system that ensures enhanced security against break-in attempts and high thermal performance with a U-value of 0.7 W/m2K.

The concealed hinge system, which is covered by Silvelox proprietary patent, enables the door to be opened 135 degrees, and allows the internal panel to be flush with the framed structure, giving an effect of absolute minimalist design.

SecurityClass 3 burglar resistance
LockWith a security locking cylinder system
Triple rebateSecurity system ensuring excellent anti-burglar performance
Secur thermThermal transmittance index 0.7 W/sqmK
Noise resistance certificationOne-leaf doors: 40 dB
Air permeabilityOne-leaf doors: Class 2