Thanks to its triple jamb Medea 3T is able to ensure great performance in acoustic insulation and thermal efficiency, besides, the threshold and the anti-burglary Class 3 make this door unique on the market.

Secur Therm, provided on Medea 3T, is a system with 3 jambs and triple folding, which ensures more safety and high thermal performance up to a thermal transmittance index of U = 0.7 W/m2K.

Distinctive elements of Medea 3T are the external panel holder, in steel, which make the door more elegant, and the visible hinges, framed by wooden trims or varnished in the same color as the door panel.

Its body can be covered with a wide range of panels and can be provided also with glazed solutions.

Anti-burglary class 3
With safety cylinders
Triple jamb Safety system which ensures high anti-burglary performance
Secur Therm Thermal transmittance index 0,7 W/m2K
Acoustic insulation certificateSingle leaf doors: 40 dB
Air permebaility Single leaf doors: Class 2
External panel holder In steel