Technological innovation is a key element for the growth of Silvelox Group’s strategy and plays a central role in defining the business model.
The Silvelox Group has always invested resources in ongoing R&D projects, developed both in house and jointly with external partners (i.e. architects, design firms, universities and independent research laboratories).

Our R&D team, which accounts for nearly 10% of our staff, operates in five main sectors:

    A well-crafted portfolio of national and international patents is a prelude to Silvelox Group’s success on the closure market, over 20 of which on the garage door market. This sector uses the most advanced data management Software (Inventor, Revit Vaoul, Solidworks, Frame simulator, etc.) which is where our customers’ requests are processed, analyzed and from which new concepts are created or Silvelox systems customized.
    Each project has its own history, each history has its own challenge. The know-how acquired over time has enabled us to support our customers and found the best solutions to meet their design requirements, by studying the technical and functional requirements and defining ad-hoc solutions. Our design office provides quick answers for any type of local or international project. The Silvelox Group is able to provide a skillful all-round service, including the study and design, the realisation and installation of the finished product.
    Process innovation involves developing massive changes aimed to achieve ongoing technological improvements and to increase production efficiency.This department is considered by Silvelox Group the driving engine for applied innovation, both on the product and the process, as it interacts in synergy with the production and the design departments. The experience acquired in the industrialisation of various types of product allows the company to widen up its horizon and its technological assets, by implementing new processes where a high standard of reliability, technology and innovation is required.
    In terms of aesthetics, we are constantly researching innovative design for our products, which goes beyond the latest trends, by establishing close collaboration with famous architects and attending trade fairs to maintain our leading position in the industry. Our door surfaces are studied to adapt themselves to the most different applications and operating conditions, both indoors and outdoors.
    As part of internal processes, the Silvelox Group R&D department first analyses engineering design process, which may entail the testing of prototypes or changes to exclusive tailor-made solutions, then the SilveloxLab Line 4 in the testing area inside the production department (approx. 600 sq.m.) performs the last test before giving the go-ahead for production. All our products are tested by both our labs and independent notified test labs, after passing highly stringent in-house checks for the assessment of a series of performance parameters: water, wind and air tightness, durability, thermal and sound insulation, anti-burglar resistance, fire resistance and smoke tightness.