An industrial group that faces the market with a synergic approach and a global vision of growth and development, while maintaining the production specificities of Silvelox for the residential market and those of Seip for the industrial market.

The whole production process takes place at the Castelnuovo-based plant, including the preparation of wooden semi-finished products, engineering specific to each component through to final assembly of mechanical and electrical component parts – a guarantee of Silvelox product quality, which is the true excellence of the Made in Italy label.

Advanced computerized systems are used to handle every stage of the production process, from engineering design and processing through to painting, while maintaining the highest quality standards, accurate manual product assembling and finishing, as the result of accurate in-house joinery and carpentry work, all with painstaking care and fully reflecting the corporate philosophy.

Sectional and folding shutter industrial doors are assembled at the Remedello plant, as it owns the formal and intellectual know-how in terms of technology, design and production of component parts, accessories and profiles – a guarantee of a unique and winning quality standard compared to other fitters.

Runners and boxes for panels are produced using latest technology equipment and cutting and drilling lines for insulated panels.

Highly automated processes and a mass production cycle facilitate versatility and help reducing delivery times, while ensuring a high level of product and service quality.