Added value in the renovation of historic centers

Silvelox realizes front doors HISTORICO on size, in full respect of the
local architecture and of the personal styles.

Since many decades Silvelox products have been recognized by the
Superintendence of Fine Arts and by the Italian Association of Historic

Silvelox HISTORICO front door was born from the capacity to
combine the know-how acquired in over 60 years of wood manufacturing
with the most innovative technological solutions, this way HISTORICO
front door qualified as the ideal element for the renewal of the façade
of many buildings located in the historic center of the city.

Silvelox manufacturing ability allows to reproduce some elements closely related to the craftsmanship tradition, as embossing and inserts. Besides it is possible to provide the front door with new motorization systems recessed telescopic arms, and to ensure functionality by respecting any historic and aesthetic restriction.

Silvelox realizes HISTORICO front doors by reproducing the same aesthetic as the previous gate or a specific project proposed by the architect. Each phase, from the early project to the final realization, is supervised by a team of experts that, from the drawing till the selection of the materials, from the evaluation of the wooden essences proposed till the installation of the door, supervise its realization.


5 cm increment
Bespoke solutions
Recognized by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage
Lock cylinders
Two-turn multi-point lock
Adjustable pivots
Ball bearings
Frame protrusion
7x9 cm to be walled
Doors with sandwich panels
8 cm thick



HISTORICO perfectly combines craftsmanship ability with
industrial innovation. The great attention reserved to each
detail allows to equip the historic front door with high
technology elements.


The front door is provided with safety cylinders and a “multipoint” lock. This lock, provided with 3 central locks,
1 upper and 1 lower on the main door, is provided as standard. The rotation of the door on adjustable pins and
provided with bearings enables fluid movements even over the years.


The incorporation of a pedestrian door offers fast and practical access especially in the case of very large entrances. Optimally indiscernible from the body of the main door, it does not affect the overall aesthetics. It comes without bottom threshold and can incorporate a hydraulic closing device and an electric lock operated remotely.


Silvelox leaf doors are pre-arranged for motorisation. The motor is almost silent and operates the door at a controllable speed. Internal and external photocells detect the presence of obstacles, stopping the movement automatically. In addition, doors are supplied with a two-channel remote control, with a four-channel version available on request.


A further optional accessory is the letter box with an external bronzed brass flap matching the door handle.
The wide range of ‘special’ handles complements the standard range to further enhance the aesthetics of the door.