Ongoing product research and flexible production

Silvelox has created the most comprehensive range of garage doors in the world that can meet different architectural and aesthetic solutions. Ongoing product research and flexible production make the company the undisputable market leader.

SECUR garage doors are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes to better match the architecture of the garage where they are installed.

SECUR PLUS is the first garage door certified compliant with the tests required by the European Norm ENV 1627, CLASS 3 for burglar resistance. The Secur Plus garage door offers the highest levels of protection.

The BASCULAP garage door, with its counterweight mechanism and a self-lifting opening system, is ideal for those requiring a high-performance efficient door that features simple, pure design. In addition to its patented opening system, Basculap uniqueness depends on the motor, that is incorporated and supplied with a patented kit assembly system that makes it quick and easy to install on site.

SECURLAP is the only exclusive sectional garage door without ceiling tracks, with a double counterweight mechanism and the motor concealed in the top rail.
SECURLAP uses an innovative system included in our Silvelox OVERLAP original patent.

Sectional doors in the SR and SRV series consist of horizontal panels that are joined together with hinges and run vertically to reach a position parallel with the ceiling when open.
This special mechanism makes it possible to use the entire space inside the garage, does not occupy space outside it, can be easily operated and ensures excellent thermal resistance.
SEIP provides sectional doors which slide vertically: one with the SR series rotating spring shaft and the second with SRV series vertical traction springs.

SLS and SLD sliding garage doors are ideal
in situations where lintel bulk must be eliminated.
The mechanism provides the panels sliding through a lintel guide without the need of floor trolleys. The hermetic closure of the door is guaranteed by a mix of rubber seals and brushes along the entire perimeter.