Silvelox: security with a capital S.

Security armoured doors have an internal structure made of steel sheet that determines their resistance to break-in attempts.

The elegant wooden covers of Silvelox entrance doors hide a wide range of different structures divided in 4 series, depending on the burglar resistance class they have been certified in. The 4 series are: Class 4, Class 3, Class 2 and Special (REI).

This enables customers to choose the security door which best suits their needs, accordingly to the security level they wish to have and the setting where the door will be installed whether they need a door for a mansion, a detached house, a terraced house or an apartment.




Class 4 is the ultimate security door offering the highest security level available. It is particularly suitable for isolated constructions and detached or semi-detached houses.








The internal steel body with two reinforcements characterises Class 3, which assures a high standard of security and is suitable for a lot of different settings.








Series Special with Flamma Plus can fulfil specific demands by customers who need a fire entrance door certified burglar resistant and with special care for aesthetics.

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