Silvelox garage doors can be equipped with numerous accessories depending on the design requirements and the location where they are installed.

Enclosed windows

Fixed or tilting windows in methacrylate or security glass can be inserted as required.

Ventilation grills

Upon request, it is possible to insert shutter-type grills that blend with the door design.

Keys with personalised code

Each garage door is supplied with three coded keys for the operation of the opening locking cylinder, which has anti-unthreading protection.

Rotation of counterweight section

When maneuvering a car in or out a garage, particularly at an angle, every centimetre counts. Silvelox has thought to rotate 90° both the counterweight carters, and to position them adjacent to the frame on one or both sides of the garage door.

Letter box

A letter box with an external flap in the same finish as the door handle can also be provided.

Overhead ransom

In case of tall garages, Silvelox can supply overhead transoms that match to the design, the wood and the color of the garage door.

Glazed transom

To give more light to the garage, Silvelox can fit the transom with fixed or tilting windows.

Pet flap

The pet flap can be provided in various sizes according to the customer requirements and in the model that can be opened only with the magnetic collar provided.

Bottom rail and matching handle

The utmost customisation of details, where the color of the handle can be matched to bottom rail, in standard catalogue finishes or the RAL color chosen by the customer.