SEIP Residential Doors for garage doors can be equipped with numerous accessories according to design requirements and the setting where they are installed.

Portholes and ventilation grills

Upon request, it is possible to insert portholes with methacrylate or shatterproof glass with different finishes and ventilation grills.

Aluminum load-bearing structures

For good aesthetic impact and easy handling and processing.

TSD photocell

A security system specifically designed, developed and produced by Silvelox, which deactivates the system if an obstacle/person is detected while operating.

HALO selector switch with European cylinder lock

Digital radio selector to combine with all rolling code receivers, batteries included.

Remote open/close control

Basculap doors can be controlled via mobile phone or via remote XR rolling code control and XR rolling code control with on-board receiver.

Home automation control unit

Miniaturized home automation control unit.
Programming with LED+BUZZER boards, 30 transmitter storage, automatic switch-off, light control points via cable, built-in 2-channel transmitter, CR2032 lithium battery.

Touch remote control

Available with one flush channel on the door panel (35mm milled), two channels with motion sensor (open-close function and on-off lights) and a wall channel touch remote control.

Dedicated App

A dedicated application for the customer to open the door via smartphone and for the fitter to configure doors and gates via smartphone.

MICRO-FLASH flashing light

Based on LED technology, it is designed to make automation units even more attractive and technological.