Silvelox is specialized in the production of high-end garage doors, reinforced entrance doors, double leaf entrance doors and architectural systems. For more than 65 years the company has stood out due to its ability in creating unprecedented solutions, combining aesthetics with innovative anti-intrusion technologies, and focusing on energy savings and noise reduction.


Foundation of Silvelox


Foundation of SEIP


Creation of Silvelox Group S.p.A.

The company was set up in 1961, and has grown exponentially by diversifying and expanding production, becoming a fully-fledged, industrial-scale business. In 2018 it became Silvelox Europe S.p.A., and is now an undisputed benchmark in the implementation of fully-customized, high-end garage and main doors. The company is a market leader in Italy and abroad, with a brand that is synonymous with excellence and high quality. In 2019 Silvelox Europe S.p.A. merged with Seip srl, creating an industrial group which is unique in terms of its comprehensive range of garage doors and main doors for the residential market, providing complete technical solutions and one-off, bespoke products. This corporate framework has maintained the specific production characteristics of Silvelox and Seip, offering the market a shared global vision of growth through the development of one business network and integrated logistics. The two production sites in Castelnuovo (TN) and Remedello (BS) have their own unique characteristics, but share a focus on customer satisfaction, and cover various market segments and the most select design requirements.


The industrial potential, business network, integrated logistics and customer-oriented services are the power of a group starting with a consolidated turnover of approximately 20 million euro (2019 figures), and a workforce of approximately 110 employees. The optimisation of financial aspects and the potential of the new structure form the basis for ambitious targets for growth and development on the national and international markets.

Garage doors: with anti-burglar certification, they are Silvelox traditional product, and enabled the brand to gain recognition and to become highly regarded throughout the world. The ongoing search for innovative solutions has resulted in Securlap, a sectional door first showcased in 2012 which, thanks to a patented OVERLAP opening system, does not require ceiling tracks and has had its internal dimensions halved. Once open, the clearance height is just 180 mm lower than the ceiling height.

Reinforced entrance doors: cutting-edge product that enabled Silvelox to establish its excellence in the sector, by combining the latest anti-intrusion technologies with stunning aesthetics, with a focus on energy savings and noise reduction.

The sectional doors have horizontal panels connected together by hinges, and run vertically to reach a position parallel with the ceiling when open.
This mechanism makes possible to use all the internal space of the garage with no external projections, it is easy to move, and ensures an optimal thermal seal. The galvanised steel frame covered with sheet steel panels, and a high-quality polyester base coat, provides the best protection against atmospheric agents, and prevents the formation of rust. Maximum dimensions: W = 7m – H = 3.5m.
In addition to guarantee personal safety, SEIP doors are environmentally friendly, thanks to the use of non-polluting materials (CFC free) which provides insulation while saving energy.
SEIP provides sectional doors with vertical sliding (one with the SR series rotating spring shaft and the second with SRV series vertical traction springs) and lateral-sliding SL series sectional doors (SLS and SLD doors are the ideal ones in situations where lintel bulk must be eliminated).

The SI series standard industrial sectional doors are available up to 7.5 m in width and up to 5.5 m in height.
They can be provided both in manual or powered version, and are produced with 40 mm thick panels in double galvanised sheet with 0.5 mm varnish, insulated with high-density polyurethane, slat pitch of 120 mm, and interior and exterior embossed, plaster-effect finish.
The panels also have internal reinforcements for securing hinges and side trolleys. 
All the doors hold safety devices in case of springs or wire break, and the opening speed in standard models is 130 mm/sec.
Available with standard lintels of 450 mm, or, whether required, with partially/totally vertical or tilted sliding. Some of the sliding mechanisms available have a lowered spring option for easy installation.
The standard-version doors wider than 5.5 m have larger side boxes and sliding rollers, in addition to special Omega-shaped reinforcements designed and produced by the Company. We can also provide LN series folding shutter doors without lower guides, with galvanised steel lateral jambs, unilateral or bilateral opening, and LE series folding shutter doors without lower guides and without lateral jambs. Ergonomics, reliability, convenience and security make the LN and LE series an intelligent, cost-effective solution for large industrial entrances.


The brand for the residential market, it represents excellence in the production of garage doors, reinforced entrance doors, double-leaf doors and architectural systems.

The brand for the residential market

The brand for industrial buildings doors

The brand of innovative components for Seip garage doors


Today, the Group is well established in Italy but also on international markets, such as the USA, Brazil, Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Luxembourg, the Middle East, Japan, China and Israel, with a high potential of worldwide growth. Also thanks to Silvelox USA e Seip do Brasil.